Utah county photographer

Welcome to my photography blog! My name is Shanda and I'm a photographer located in Utah county (willing to travel though). I specialize in newborn, children, and family photography. If you have any questions please let me know :)


This is a list I put together of my location examples, I can shoot at other places. 
I love suggestions! You may even get something special if you help me find a new location!

Location 1
- stone steps, green doors, lots of green

Location 2
Barn - lots of tall weeds in summer - old fence
- more seen here http://www.shandaleighphotography.com/2011/06/my-own-family-photos.html

Location 3
beach type setting (best you will get in utah)

Location 4
Water fall - concrete steps - bridge - lots of greet 

Location 5
- green, water, bridge, large tree, wooden walkway
This location looks good year round

Location 6
old green wooden building, fence, country feel

Location 7
old band stand stage with columns, small water, lots of green, playground

Location 9 
canyon, water, trees, bridge
great location for fall photos 

Location 10
bridge, water, green, pretty location when trees bloom
this location is behind a nice urban type area with buildings

Location 11
stone stairs with large outdoor fireplace, water, green, large bridge 

Location 12
few colored buildings on a historic main street, red door, city feel

Location 13
blue building with a small amount of green

Location 14
neat doors, steps, 

Location 15
under an overpass of a freeway

Location 16
another nice looking main street

Location 17
old truck, small field right next to it

Location 18
fun building, rustic looking, stairs, doors